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Hamara Suomi organizes parties - ug, open culture, good use of public space, non-profit - in Tampere, Finland and appears from time to time in other locations too. Contains four dj's - Dpiks + Johannes Vihannes + Mustavirta + Swazi - and have good selection on drum'n'bass, dubstep, elektro and rap, to name the main genres. Dub and downtempo can also be heard often as well as live bands, rap groups etc. is good resource for recordings from past gigs. Up-to-date info about upcoming gigs can also be found from Feel free to contact us on hamara.suomi& for all kinds of interesting stuff, events, gigs, collaborations etc.

MC Taskumatti also belongs to Hamara Suomi. He has been lately mc'ing over crew's dnb and dubstep sets and that's just amazing! His first album, dubstep-flawored "Käpälämäkeen", was released in 2010 and second album "Elä" in 2013. Listen/download at, also in Spotify, Itunes and such. and


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Soundsystem (mid-tops, horn kicks and reflex subwoofers). Outdoors. ug Dj Frenia (Swag) Taskumatti & Dpiks live, 2012. Guest dj Joe Loud (Forms, Myyränhengitysklubi) playing in Vastavirtaklubi, Tampere, Finland, 2011. Dj's DBLJ and Esc from Kongo crew. Rapper 6mäki performing in Pub Yläkerta, Pispala, Finland.

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Dj's & electronic music
Chris Robin (Forms), Doomink, Ec, Dj Envision, Esc b2b DBLJ (KongoCrew), Frenia (Swag), Gök, Hetsge, Joe Loud (Dreadmark, Myyränhengitysklubi), Junkka Poika, K-levi, K Von Mulberry (NGS), Mustalaiskiainen, Nastywip, Night by day (Laisia), Rujonic, Ruskotasku, Stak Etop (Tenkale), Sttb (Laisia), Toiminto (Swaeg) b2b Make, Tpaz (Dreadmark), Trey (Ivah Sound), Dj Unzip

6mäki (Joku Roti), Naispyy (Fosk), Kaukajärven kadonneet lapset, KVP x MJ Valta, Otto Martikainen, Pelkkä hippi, Tesoma Gang, Vilttiketju (Beatnik)

Avasaxa, Ganglio, Hot Mama Salonen, Machinatrix, P.A Kiiskilä, Pipar Sisar, Pystyyn kuolleet hipit